The Papaya DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization with an Implicit Governance model that enables users to participate in governance based on the amount of STX and sBTC staked to Papaya.

The DAO within Papaya enables governance decision making which is essential for maintaining a healthy, secure, and adaptable ecosystem. By involving those participating in Papaya in the decision-making process, the platform ensures that its ongoing development remains aligned with the interests of its users, helping to promote decentralization, long-term success, and sustainability.

Within the DAO, three classes of actors exists: Founders, Stakers, and Delegates.

  • Founders are those who created the protocol.

  • Stakers are those who have staked tokens to the protocol.

  • Delegates are those who propose guidance to the protocols performance.

With the DAO, there is the concept of Proposals and Policies.

  • Proposals are introduced through governance by Founders and Stakers.

  • Policies are introduced to Stakers by Delegates.

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