Utility and Revenue Distribution


PAPA will have a max supply of 100,000,000 tokens.

Holders can stake their tokens to earn a share of Papaya’s revenue.

PAPA tokens will follow an issuance curve created to favorably incentivize early adopters while also maintaining incentives for the long term.

PAPA will never be pooled in the Papaya Market Maker; however due to the decentralized and transparent nature of the blockchain, we cannot prevent others from pooling PAPA.

PAPA Staking will allow for instant withdrawals, at the expense of forfeiting current cycle rewards:

  • Biweekly rewards distributed at the end of cycle

  • Mid-cyle withdrawal - you miss on the rewards for that cycle

  • The less circulating supply staked, the higher an individual token is worth

    • if circulating supply is 10M tokens and 5M tokens are staked, each staked token receives twice the rewards it would if all 10M Tokens are staked.

Revenue Distribution

As of writing, the Stacking Average Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is listed as 11% on the STX website, though projections estimate an average of 7%.

PAPA's revenue is generated from the PoX reward fees (denominated in sBTC) in addition to the reinvested PMM fees (denominated in STX). From these, a 5% fee is levied on POX rewards, and 95% of PMM Fees are distributed to token holders.

The above is predicated on Stacking TVL & PMM Volume

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